A new year, and a new approach.

I’ve been absent here for a while, as the month of December has gotten stranger and stranger and I’ve been left confused about how to cope. Sure, Trumpism has marched on, and he’s gradually filled his cabinet with people who want to dismantle the departments they’re going to be in charge of. That’s going to be interesting to follow, and fight sometimes, and support sometimes. But that’s been the most normal thing.

It’s liberals that really made December difficult, as they just completely lost contact with the rails. From “time for some game theory” to “unpresidented” to needing underdog success stories so thoroughly they convinced themselves Rogue One and Arrival were good movies, liberal social media has fallen apart. This group of people held things together through a Clinton campaign that varied from uninviting to uninteresting, but once the election was over, apparently they couldn’t manage any more.

An unexpected disaster can cause serious emotional difficulty and bad decision-making, and for the American left, Trump is the greatest and most unexpected disaster they’ve ever known, so I’ve tried to be patient and understanding. But things just keep getting worse. On Christmas liberal Twitter freaked out over an evangelical referring to the Good News of a New King, believing that he meant Trump, despite this being how evangelicals always talk about Jesus. And now we’ve seen harsh criticism of Trump for something we all should be pleased with him about.

President Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats in retaliation for supposed Russian interference in the election. That action is debatable, but what followed really shouldn’t be. Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would not escalate the situation further, and Trump praised him for this decision. However you feel about any of the rest of this, let’s stop for a minute and celebrate Russia not escalating. That’s unequivocally a good thing for everyone.

But liberal social media jumped on Trump for tweeting his support of this decision, as they have for anything he does relating to Putin, with calls of treason and corruption. And at this point it’s clear that there’s no level of thinking things through going on in that section of America right now. Nobody should want Russia to escalate. Nobody should want the President-elect to be unhappy at the prospect of Russia declining to escalate, no matter who the President-elect happens to be.

A month ago, I was looking at these people as a significant resource in the fight against those parts of Trumpism which are in desperate need of being fought. Just after the election, there seemed to be a lot of promise there, with talks about working for marginalized communities and fighting the Muslim registry and other fascist promises Trump made on the campaign trail. But as the tiny hopes of the Jill Stein recount and Electoral College nullification have been dashed, liberals are falling apart more and more, latching on to terrible analysis, making everything personal about Trump to the exclusion of policy, and worst of all, blindly demonizing Russia. And until they can get themselves together, I’m not convinced engaging with them is at all a good idea.

So I’m going to find a different direction. If the playing field right now is too confused and full of explosives to participate, let’s go back to first principles. If modern America is lacking in anything resembling a sane political party, let’s start a conversation about what one would look like. Perhaps that will lead us somewhere worthwhile.

That’s going to be the focus of my writing here in January, and I invite you to participate in the comments, on the specific topics I write about, or by suggesting topics that I ought to be thinking about and writing about. Let’s try thinking about government on a higher level, because right now no one else is doing it.

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