Charles Bukowski -vs- John Bonham


John Bonham -vs- Charles Bukowski in a brutal, no-hold’s barred fuckhammer cowboy chainsaw match. You can smell the whiskey.

The Last Days of the Suicide Kid -vs- When the Levee Breaks

Yeah, so this is one Buk’s greatest poems ‘The Last Days of the Suicide Kid’ recorded in San Francisco way back in the day before I was born. When you put it on top of Bonham’s coolest drum riff – well, just check it out.

Bukowski: “The Last Days of the Suicide Kid”Audience Member: “fuck you man!”

Bukowski: “Any other comments?”

Bukowski: “The Last Days of the Suicide Kid”

I can see myself now
after all these suicide days and nights,
being wheeled out of one of those sterile rest homes
(of course, this is only if I get famous and lucky)
by a subnormal and bored nurse…
there I am sitting upright in my wheelchair…
almost blind, eyes rolling backward into the dark part of my skull
for the mercy of death…
Isn’t it a lovely day, Mr. Bukowski
O, yeah, yeah…
the children walk past and I don’t even exist
and lovely women walk by
with big hot hips
and warm buttocks and tight hot everything
praying to be loved
and I don’t even
It’s the first sunlight we’ve had in 3 days,
Mr. Bukowski.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
there I am sitting upright in my wheelchair,
myself whiter than this sheet of paper,
brain gone, gamble gone, me, Bukowski,
Isn’t it a lovely day, Mr. Bukowski
O, yeah, yeah… pissing in my pajamas, slop drooling out of
my mouth.
2 young schoolboys run by —
Hey, did you see that old guy
Christ, yes, he made me sick!
after all the threats to do so
somebody else has committed suicide for me
at last.
the nurse stops the wheelchair, breaks a rose from a nearby bush,
puts it in my hand.
I don’t even know
what it is. it might as well be my pecker
for all the good
it does.

15 thoughts on “Charles Bukowski -vs- John Bonham

  1. very very cool. The line “there I am sitting upright in my wheelchair” on the beat is a killer.

  2. Sweet. Like chomping on a muffin top in a cool breeze in the fog of a San Francisco morning.

  3. Wow, it’s like I’m at my first year of college, sitting next to somebody in Remedial Counterculture class with their iPod turned up too high.

    Why don’t you head on over to Negativland’s site and get some tips on what mashups can achieve when done with some creativity (and slightly less blatant source material)?

  4. Well, this wasn’t meant to be a demonstration of production abilities. It was simply meant to accentuate the poem with no editing and a minimalist touch on the backend. In other words, more with less.

  5. Excellent. One of the best poems I’ve ever come across on the subject of old age. The drums fit too.


  6. I think is bad. I personally think that Bukowsky was a true poet John Bonham a joke.
    Hello to all of you.

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